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Jama Masjid United Forum (JMUF), is a nongovernmental organization under the aegis of Jama Masjid Delhi. Conceived by HH the former Shahi Imam Maulana Syed Abdulla Bukhari for the work of social welfare and promotion of universal peace, JMUF also has the privilege of the blessings and patronage of HH the present Shahi Imam of Jama Masjid Delhi, Maulana Syed Ahmed Bukhari.

Jama Masjid Delhi has historically remained central to the Muslim polity in India. Indian Muslims look upon it for guidance in matters of socio-political importance as well as in matters that concern the Ummah (the Muslim Brotherhood) as a whole.

Jama Masjid United Forum (JMUF), comprises persons with a long trail of public life. The focus of JMUF activities, currently, is on the promotion of universal peace and goodwill amongst the various communities, especially in the context of the threats posed to it by the globally rampant menace of terrorism.

History of Jama Masjid ...


Terrorism or peace

Today there is no universal definition of terrorism. Countries define the term according to their own beliefs and to support their own national interests. International bodies, when they craft a definition, do so in the interests of their member states. Academics striving to define terrorism are also subjected to their own political point of view.

Thus, the question arises, what does terrorism actually mean? Is it a violent action targeting civilians exclusively or a threatened use of violence for the purpose of creating fear in order to achieve a political, economic, religious, or ideological goal?

“Every gun that is forged, every battleship that is launched, every missile that is fired, is an inhuman theft from those who are hungry and starving, from those who are cold and are shivering”


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